Boy's Bedrooms Wall Stickers & Decals

Add Action and Excitement to Boy’s Bedrooms

Decorate your boy's bedroom or play area with a mix-and match of our fascinating wall stickers and decals. Whether you pick any one of his favorite cartoon characters or one of the classic designs we have on offer, you are sure to find stickers that will delight and surprise your child. With Wondrous Wall Art stickers you can change the wall décor in your child’s bedroom as often as you please. We have decals that are perfect for temporary decorating. What makes our products even more convenient and interesting to use is that you can change from one theme to the next within no time at all.

Our functional wall stickers are easily removable, can be repositioned and reused. And so, if he tires of Mickey Mouse and takes a fancy to planes, well so be it- surprise him with switching the stickers in a jiffy. All our bedroom wall stickers peel away cleanly with no risk of the paint peeling off and you can simply use then in a different location at a later date. As your boy’s interests and choices change, so can the design on the walls of his bedroom. Why opt for static design concepts when you have a world of options and styles to choose from and change to. Let the design concept of the room change as your child grows.

Our range of boy’s bedroom stickers is truly mind-boggling and you will surely want to build up a collection of them. We have graphics and cartoon characters, dinosaurs and planes. We also have sci-fi concept stickers and ones that can be personalized with your child’s name. Our football themed, Bart Simpson and Mohammad Ali stickers are particularly popular and little boys love the ones that have Call of Duty or Xbox One motifs on them. Add that unique touch to your boy’s bedroom with our wondrous stickers.

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