Jungle Adventure Wall Stickers - Vinyl Decal Decoration

Prices from: £12.95
Jungle Adventure Wall Stickers on a nursery wall
Jungle Adventure Wall Stickers before application on a wall
Prices from: £12.95

What a fantastic and exciting way to transform your child's bedroom or nursery, and it literally takes seconds with this set of Jungle Adventure Wall Stickers.

Each individual sticker is both removable and repositionable, meaning you can constantly change the way your room is decorated. Colourful alligators, gentle lions and tigers, funky monkeys, a docile elephant and zebra, giraffes, chunky hippo and rhinos... The whole gang is here, under the glowing sun with palm trees providing some shade. Terrific fun and educational too, in the home or at school for infants, boys, and girls.

Total of 26 stickers presented on 4 sheets. The size of the stickers vary from 3.4 cm by 5.1 cm for the smallest to 13.3 cm by 32cm for the biggest.