Outer Space Wall Stickers - Vinyl Decal Decoration

Prices from: £12.95
Outer Space Wall Stickers on a kid's bedroom wall
Outer Space Wall Stickers before application
Prices from: £12.95

Imagine flying in a spaceship a spectacular galaxy filled with brightly coloured stars and planets. Make friends with some friendly aliens and robots on your journey. Create your own Outer Space scenic wall with this fantastic set of repositionable Wall Stickers.

Captain the beautifully painted rocket of your choice and explore the universe, what an adventure. Change the lay out of your scene time and time again, creating new solar systems and completely new adventures. Incredible fun and terrific decor for infants, boys, and girls.

35 wall Stickers presented in 4 sheets. For size indication, the sun is 16 cm diameter and the alien ship is 17 cm across