Treasure Hunt Wall Stickers - Vinyl Decal Decoration

Prices from: £12.95
Treasure Hunt Wall Stickers beside a child's bed
Treasure Hunt Wall Stickers before application on a wall
Prices from: £12.95

Ah Jim lad, look at these adventurous Peel and Stick Treasure Hunt Wall Stickers! Pirates, treasure maps, islands, pirate boats, and of course... what everybody is after, the treasure! Hush my parrot! Is it the tail of a mermaid in the background? Or just a really big fish? Either way, your kids will certainly feel a fantastic sense of adventure... and you will smile as you create your own pirate treasure scene with these 45 colourful stickers. There will always be land ahoy and gold within reach for your children.

Total of 45 stickers presented on 4 sheets.The size of the stickers vary from 3.4 cm by 5.1 cm for the smallest to 13.3 cm by 32cm for the biggest. For size indication, the pirates measure 22 cm tall.